Substation, Traction & Line Post Insulators



Creepage Distance

Applicable Standards

  Solid Core Station Post Insulators Upto 800 kV 25 & 31 mm/kV IS, IEC, ANSI Specifications
  Long Rod Insulators Upto 800 kV 25 & 31 mm/kV IS, IEC, ANSI Specifications
  Traction Insulators for Railways Electrifications Upto 25 kV 25 & 31 mm/kV IS, IEC, RDSO Specifications
  Solid Core Line Post Insulators Upto 66 kV 25 & 31 mm/kV IEC, ANSI Specifications

Apparatus Porcelain Insulators Applicable  Standards

Either fitted with metallic flanges or without flanges for SF6 Circuit breakers, Instrument transformers, Condensor Bushings, Lightning Arresters upto 2600mm. Maximum diameter 650mm. Bore can be parallel, taper or Bulge as per customer specific designs.

IS, IEC, European Norms
50062, ANSI

Transmission Insulators

Suspension Disc Insulators

Profile   :     Anti Fog, Normal, Open Profile
Mechanical Strength   :     Upto 420 kN
Creepage Distance   :     Upto 690 mm
Applicable Standards   :     IS, IEC, BS, ANSI, Australian Specifications
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Pin Insulators

Rating   :     Upto 69 kV
Mechanical Strength   :     10 kN
Creepage Distance   :     Upto 1080 mm
Applicable Standards   :     IS, BS, IEC, ANSI, AS, VDE Specifications
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Post Insulators

Rating   :     Upto 36 kV & also 245 kV with Multi units
Mechanical Strength   :     Upto 32 kN
Creepage Distance   :     Upto 1050 mm, Single unit
Applicable Standards   :     IS, IEC, ANSI Specifications
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