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High voltage rubber hand gloves rating from 15Kv to 33 KV of all brands. The rubber gloves being manufactured from highly purified natural rubber latex. The gloves are put through a series of stringent test to ensure that they resist in different operating condition and meet customer needs.

We offer Vitreous enameled danger (caution) Board of all rating and sizes. These boards can be of different shapes and designs. These boards have a long life and are graffiti proof. The colors are fast, weather resistant and don't fade even when exposed to the sun or the rain.

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Rubber mats are made of high quality rubber with ISI rating. Electrical safety matting is suitable for use where enhanced safety is required around electrical installations such as switchboards or other high voltage equipment, where operators or specialist maintenance staff may risk accidental electric shock, and our rubber matting will reduce the risk of serious injury or fatality.

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FRP Telescopic Operating Rod

Safety equipments like FRP Telescopic Operating Rod (11 to 36 KV), FRP Telescopic Earth - Discharge Rod (11 to 400 KV), FRP Telescopic Tree Branch Trimmer, H.T Discharge Rod, L.T Discharge Rod, FRP Telescopic Hot Line Stick (11 to 36 KV), Isolator Blade Alignment On/off Rod, FRP Pultruded Cross Arm, FRP Pultruded Ladders, FRP Pultruded Cable Trays, FRP Pultruded Gratings, FRP Pultruded Battery Box Stand. FRP Pultruded Profiles, Glass Epoxy Rod, Composite Insulators (11 to 33 KV), Composite Air Break Switch. Composite Drop out Fuse.

Specification :-
1)Fiber glass profiles manufactured from high quality epoxy resin
2)Manufactured in Automatic Protrusion plant
3)Strong electrical & mechanical strength
4)Super smooth glossy finish prevent moisture
5)Excellent dielectric strength
6)Unique telescopic design easy to assemble & easy to operate
7)Equipped with FRP/Rubber insulator to increase creepage distance
8)Bottom provided with slip resistance rubber grip
9)Canvas cover bag for protection of equipment
10)Tested as per IS & IEC standard.

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